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Rail Clone. Artist-friendly parametric modelling and layout for 3ds Max.

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        Tired of using fixed, hard to modify, assets that require time-consuming manual labour to edit? Wish it was easier to create smart parametric objects that are easy to update, can be used and reused again and again, but requires minimal time investment? Enter RailClone – the artist-friendly parametric modelling and spline-cloning plugin for 3ds Max that’s fast, efficient, and easy-to-learn.

        RailClone is unlike any other tool on the market. Objects are created simply by assembling and repeating existing geometry using an easy-to-define set of rules. If you can model in Max, you can create procedural objects with RailClone

        Choose from hundreds of built-in presets, adapt existing objects by adding your own geometry, or even create your own from scratch using RailClone’s easy-to-understand visual editor

        The RailClone new release is the result of several months of hard work that added a host of brand new features and fixes, introducing new workflows, extending the plugin and make it easier to use.

        For this release, iToo Software focused on making RailClone a more straightforward and more powerful tool for scene layout.

        For example, the ability to automatically use materials applied to the source geometry makes it easier than ever to use RailClone to distribute pre-built models, including stock entourage that uses complex multi-sub object materials.

        To aid with precise placement, a new RC Spline Modifier lets you add markers to a path that can be used to position geometry and control nearly any aspect of a graph.

        Markers can be used on the Y Spline, fulfilling a frequently requested feature to be able to add arbitrarily spaced divisions on the vertical axis of a two-dimensional array. Great for architecture!

        It doesn’t stop there, RailClone  allows you to nest the output of one generator inside another. This means users can create one parametric model and then use it as an input in an entirely different array. Best of all, it does this while retaining full instancing to generate enormous potential scenes with minimal effort. This fundamentally changes what is possible with RailClone, allowing users to approach creating styles in entirely new ways.

        Massive objects are of limited use if you can’t represent them in the viewports. That’s why iToo Software added a fourth display mode called Quick Mesh. In this mode, geometry is instantiated in the viewports, making it possible to preview massive polycounts as well as speeding up interactivity when using high-poly assets that you might find when using RailClone as a layout tool.

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        What's new in RailClone?


        Use Object Materials

        Use the materials applied directly to the source geometry. No more manually creating complex multi-sub object materials, great when using RailClone as a layout tool or with stock models.

        Spline Modifier

        Precisely place geometry on paths by adding markers with the new Spline Modifier. Each marker can contain rich information that can be used to control nearly any parameters of a graph.

        Nested Generators

        Dramatically simplify graphs by nesting one generator as a segment inside another, while opening up exciting new possibilities for what’s possible with RailClone!

        Automatic Capping

        Automatically cap clipped objects to make it easier than ever to create a seamless object. Capped faces are UVed using real world mapping coordinates so you can easily apply materials to the new geometry.

        New Group Mode

        Ever wished the compose operator behaves more like 3ds Max’s Groups? Well now it does. The Compose operator’s output is now calculated as a single object with a bounding box that encompasses its entire size.

        Viewport Instancing

        RailClone already has unparalleled instancing power at render time, but it’s now possible to enable viewport instancing to preview hundreds of millions of polygons directly in the 3ds Max viewport.

        Faster and more optimised

        RailClone 4 introduces huge improvements in instancing efficiency when using shared segments or linked styles by including a global cache for all RC objects in the scene.

        Improved stability in IPR renders

        Using RailClone while in IPR rendering mode gets a significant stability improvement making it easier than ever to visualise how your styles will look in the final image.

        Updated Selector Operator and new expressions

        To take full advantage of the RailClone Spline features, the Selector operator has several new modes. Expressions have been updated to support markers too, along with the ability to access data from nested generators!

        More Logical Transform nodes

        In previous version of RailClone the order of transform nodes had no effect, in RailClone 4 we’ve made this much more intuitive so that the order of Transform nodes is now taken into consideration when applying a rotation, translation, or scale operation.

        Statistics Window

        Look under the hood of your RailClone style with the new Statistics Windows to help make change to optimise performance or debug complex objects.

        Improved usability

        The style editor gains several usability improvements including the ability to insert a node on a wire, automatic rewiring on deletion, grid view and snap, the ability to select and delete unused nodes and much more. Other news

        System requirements for RailClone


        Please make sure that your system fulfills these requirements before installing RailClone.

        Processor Intel Core i7-9700K
        RAM 32 GB, 512 GB, SSD
        OS Windows 10 Pro
        VIDEO CARD
        nVidia Quadro P2200


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