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Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D. 3D for the Whole World.

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    Cinema 4D


    Why use Cinema 4D?

    Cinema 4D is the perfect choice for all 3D artists who want an easy-to-learn yet extremely powerful product. Whether you’re a beginner or a power user, Cinema 4D offers the right depth for every skill level and application area to achieve impressive results in a short amount of time. With its already proverbial reliability, Cinema 4D is also the perfect partner for the demanding and fast-paced everyday 3D production. Industry-specific versions deliver exactly the right tools for every purpose at an attractive price.

    With Cinema 4D

    Bring your 3D Project and animations to life with outstanding new tools and workflow enhancements. Maxon Cinema 4D is a professional 3D modeling, animation, simulation, and rendering software solution. Fast, powerful, flexible, and stable toolset! Cinema 4D makes 3D workflows more accessible and efficient for design, motion graphics, and VFX, AR/MR/VR. In addition, game development and all types of visualization professionals benefit from Cinema 4D. Cinema 4D produces stunning results, whether working on your own or in a team.


    Cinema 4D is widely recognized as one of the easiest and most accessible 3D packages to learn and use. To soften that learning curve Maxon offers thousands of tutorials on Cineversity and hundreds of Quick Tips. Maxon’s Training team also hosts weekly and monthly live webinars to help new and existing users succeed. Check out Maxon’s archives and events schedule for more information. Maxon Cinema 4D includes functionality to easily browse and obtain models, materials, and other assets, and to intuitively place them within the scene. The release also includes key workflow enhancements and a sneak peek at the continued progress on the Scene Nodes and Scene Manager interfaces to the new core.


    Next-Level Set Dressing Cinema 4D’s placement tools set the stage for creativity with intuitive and powerful tools for placing objects within a scene. For example, creating an environment, adding props, and kitbashing is as simple as dragging and dropping objects onto one another, painting them onto a surface, or allowing them to fall into place with the help of dynamics.

    Place Tool

    The Place Tool allows efficient and intuitive placement of an object on the surface of existing scene elements. To clarify, it uses handles to easily scale and rotate the elements. Place objects directly from the Asset Browser. The, interactively copy and place objects in your scene. Automatically place objects according to their bounding box or defined axis, with an optional offset.

    Scatter Pen

    The Scatter Pen makes it easy to scatter a single object or a selection of objects onto any surface. Simply drag it within the view. Control the spacing and alignment, the frequency of each object, and vary the position, rotation, and scale of the placed objects. Paint random distributions or in clearly defined strokes. So, you painted too many or in the wrong location? No problem, just use the removal tools to clean up your scene or move objects individually with the Place Tool.

    Dynamic Placement

    Dynamic Placement offers the ultimate option for intuitively placing objects into a scene, with high-performance dynamics providing actual collisions between objects. With the Dynamic Placement tool, clump objects together or naturally drop them onto a surface of objects. Do this with the power of Cinema 4D’s physics simulation. Automatically generate simplified proxy geometry for fast and accurate dynamics.


    The Asset Browser provides easy access to libraries of preset content stored locally or online, including a vast collection of 3D objects, materials, and node capsules available to Cinema 4D subscribers. The library can be browsed or searched, and each asset includes rich metadata and keywords. Assets are downloaded on-demand, so there’s no need to pre-download huge libraries of assets. They’re also cached on your local computer, so your favorite assets are immediately available for re-use.

    Keywords, Search and Filtering

    Keywords can be added to your assets making content easily searchable. Save your frequent searches in smart folders and when assets are added later with the same keywords, they will be added automatically to those folders.

    Asset Versioning

    Incredibly useful in complex production pipelines. As the project evolves the asset can evolve with it. Rolling back to a previous version or updating a scene with the latest version is as easy as a few clicks.

    Objects, Instances, or References

    Insert object-based assets as objects, Instances, or References for an extremely flexible and efficient workflow.


    Experience first-hand how things are taking shape as work continues on Cinema 4D’s new core. Cinema 4D’s Scene Manager uses powerful, node-based assets to construct procedural geometry or entire scenes in a hierarchy-based view. The Scene Manager will eventually offer a fast and creative workflow much like Cinema 4D’s Classic Object Manager. Furthermore, easily integrate Classic C4D objects by simply dragging them into the Scene Manager. Everything you do within the Scene Manager creates a corresponding node graph within Scene Nodes. In other words, you can choose whichever workflow you prefer or the job demands.

    Scene Nodes

    With Cinema 4D’s Scene Node core, manage relationships and dependencies between objects. In addition, construct and modify geometry, and build reusable assets.

    Scene Nodes Debugging

    Effectively debug scene node systems with the help of an information overlay. Similarly, port debugs panels within the Node Editor. Finally, use the powerful Data Inspector window for detailed introspection of arrays and other complex data types.

    Distributions, Nodes, and Capsules

    The true power of Scene Nodes is the ability for TD-level users to expand the ecosystem without a single line of code. Additionally, these both expand possibilities and serve as a useful example of the type of tools users can expect as Scene Nodes continue to mature.

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    Cinema 4D

    Cinema 4D

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    Cinema 4D - Features


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    System requirements for Cinema 4D

    System requirements basic configuration

    Please make sure that your system fulfills these requirements before installing Cinema 4D.

    ProcessorIntel Core i7-9700K
    RAM32 GB, 512 GB, SSD
    OSWindows 10 Pro
    nVidia Quadro P2200

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