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Modo 3D

MODO 3D rel.16.0Create.Smarter

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        MODO 16.0


        With Modo 16.0, you have the tools you need to realize any vision, enabling you to focus on being creative.  The Shader Tree has been re envisioned to be easier to read and offer valuable new workflow capabilities. The new Wrap Effector offers a single, straightforward method to manipulate complex meshes intelligently and efficiently.Primitive Slice, the new Bridge MeshOp and Conditional Loops elevate modeling workflow in exciting new ways. Native Rhino 7 I/O emphasizes Modo’s role in manufacturing-oriented asset creation. With 20 powerful Features and enhancements, Modo 16.0 is here to smarten your day.

        MODO 16 Direct and Procedural Modeling


        Modo defined what good modeling workflow means… With every release it has grown in power and flexibility. Users can rapidly create and manipulate geometry with a tremendous array of context-aware tools. New additions to the 16 series include the Bridge MeshOp, many enhancements to Slice Effector booleans and Primitive Slice. Conditional loops dramatically extends Modo’s already powerful selection capabilities.

        MODO 3D rel.16.0


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        MODO 16

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