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Privacy Policy

Policy and Use of Personal Data.

Das3D provides 3D Visualization Services, Training Services for Visualization and Hardware and 3D Software Solutions. We provide these services in collaboration with competent and trained professionals. In order for the services to be provided we need some of your data and you must accept our privacy policy. It is our priority to protect client confidentiality and sensitive client data (personal data). We receive your data by means of the contact forms on the website and by e-mail and use it in full compliance with Swiss data protection legislation. We use your data to continuously improve our services and adapt them to your needs and requests.

Sending data via the Internet.
Although the company may have taken the appropriate security precautions, data transmission over the Internet is never secure and unauthorized third parties may access the information or parts thereof sent over the network. For this reason, we assume no responsibility for the security of your information when you enter our website over the network.

Cookie usage data and IP addresses.
When you browse our website, when you place orders for products and services and when you simply contact us, including by e-mail, you provide us with various types of data, for example, your personal data, such as your first and last name and contact information. You may at any time request your personal data and the information you have provided in the contact form consult it for modification or deletion by sending an e-mail to
We also use cookies and collect IP addresses, but we only store anonymous data (details of operating systems, browser versions, etc.) and information about when you view advertisements. Such data is only analyzed for statistical purposes.
For more information, please refer to the extended policy on the use of cookies: link

Use and transmission of data.
Das3D informs you that your personal data, will be treated in accordance with the rules on the protection of personal data and their security, pursuant to the Federal Law of 19 June 1992 on Data Protection (LPD), and in accordance with the methods and purposes permitted by the LPD. We use your data in order to respond to your inquiries, shape our offers to your needs, and keep you up to date on our initiatives. Your data is transmitted in part to partner companies with whom we work to provide the services you request, for example: licenses software, training, certifications, or services. This data will only be used for the purpose for which it was granted and under no circumstances will it be transmitted or disclosed. By submitting your data through our site or by e-mail you agree that we and our partners may use it for marketing, newsletter and commercial sales and after-sales support purposes, unless you expressly request it by exercising your right to access, modify, and delete the data collected, in accordance with the DPA, by contacting
Das3D at or by writing to: Das3D Sonnenrain 41 – 4562 Biberist (SO).

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